8×10 inches
Watercolor on Paper
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This is it.  This portrait study makes painting #30.  30 days, 30 Paintings.  How did I do it with a full time job, two crazy boys, and all of the other stresses of life? Somehow I pulled it off.  All 30 paintings are complete.  I’ve learned a lot this month and now that it’s all over, I want to share what I learned:  
I love painting.  I love painting all kinds of things.  I enjoy experimenting, trying new things, and watching the paint merge in every piece. 

The paintings I completed this month are not what I’d consider to be my best work.  But you’ll see that all of the other artists that participated in this challenge didn’t produce they best work either.  Close to 1000 artists from around the world participated in the challenge. Painting daily is a different approach.  You don’t have time to think.  You just have to do…and that was a learning experience in and of itself.

I’ve gained more followers and friends.  Posting a new painting to my Facebook page daily lead to a big increase in fans and followers.  As a digital marketer and teacher, I knew that posting daily was important but having fresh content seemed to build some excitement, which is awesome.
It can be difficult to work under pressure.  Knowing that daily deadline was in place really took a toll on me.  I’m use to painting daily but finishing a painting daily was a very different level of stress. It was stressful, but all the more reason to feel like this was a major accomplishment. 
I can follow through on a commitment.  I’ve always been pretty good about following through but this was tough and I’m really proud of this accomplishment.
I learned a lot.  Every painting brought new challenges.  I learned new techniques and a lot about composition.  I also learned that I like some styles of painting and subject matter better than others.

Overall, this was a good experience but I don’t know that I’ll do it again any time soon.  I like to take my time and pace myself on pieces.  I’m excited about what the rest of the year will bring.  I have some ideas for paintings and I can’t wait to get started.